Just For Fun

by Shem Watson

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Varying rock, blues, country


released January 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Shem Watson Everett, Washington

Born and raised in Ellensburg Washington. Moved to Seattle seeking direction on musical path. Not finding a band to work with pursued home recording as a creative outlet.
Currently resides in Everett, WA
Sound engineer at Lake Church, Lake Stevens
Volunteering at Everett Mission for homeless playing praise songs for Barnabas Project
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Track Name: Life For Me
These roads are like my dreams, they aren't always what they seem, Im riding proud on this fine machine. Salty breeze in the redwood trees, mountain passes, desert streams yes thats the life thats the life for me...
I want to live, I want to fly. Gonna soar till the day I die. So many roads still to see...yes thats the life for me.
Twist the throttle, feel that surge. It feels like heaven living on this earth. So many lessons I have learned. Im a better man now of this Im sure, I'm not saying i have the cure but listen, listen to that engine turn...
I want to live, I want to fly, gonna soar till the day I die. So many roads still to see...
Yes thats the life for me!
Track Name: My Companion
Here I wait for my companion, here i wait without a sound. Here I wait for my companion, standing here on solid ground. Still I wait for my companion, they said it wouldn't be too long so I'll wait for my companion as I wait I'll sing this song.
As I stand my thoughts meander thinking of the days gone past. Soon we will be together, very soon if I can last. So I wait for my companion, I'll do my best to just stay strong and wait for my companion....
Sometimes I get so weary being here out on my own. Im not known for my patience maybe I should just head home? Should I wait for my companion? They're so late its the end of the song but guess i'll wait for my companion. Yes i'll wait and sing this song...
Track Name: The Big One
Hafta tell a story that soon may come true, its ok to be afraid nothin we can do. The Big One, were heading for the big one oh yeah...
We're all having fun, till the big one
San Andreas fault line so long and so true. One day its gonna really go off and rattle me and you! The Big One, were heading for the big one.
We're all having fun, oh yeah, until the big one.
San Francisco had one way back in '92. We all seen some action but nothing can outdo, the Big One. Were headed for the big one mhmm.
We're all having fun, until the big one. (I know what your thinkin')
Your thinking that its no big deal, your thinking that your safe. But you just wait for 9.0 put you in your place! The Big One